Marketing Brand Specialist + Intuitive Angel Guide 

She trained under Gabrielle Bernstein and is certified through levels 1&2

She is a certified life coach, having studied NLP and Energy work.

Brandii is a highly trained Spiritual Success Coach. She holds a degree in communication with a minor in marketing.

Brandii has been traveling her spiritual path since the age of 12.

She is courageous,
loving and 100% authentic.

Both Brandii’s own lived experiences and her education inform her coaching practices, helping her to serve as a trusted guide to her clients looking to uncover their personal truths by imparting the wisdom she’s learned along the way.

She is a powerful source of motivation and inspiration, and she is here to help women create a deeper spiritual relationship of their own understanding.

Brandii believes in miracles and is in the business of helping others experience their own miracles, as they should daily.

She is In There

 Your biggest, baddest, most authentic self is in there. I’m here to help you unleash her through recreating your life story.

Brandii is committed to guiding you through the process of uncovering your truth. By utilizing proven tools and strategies, she will help you define your own intuition, increase your manifesting power, uncover your soul’s purpose, mend your heart, and discover the happiest, truest version of yourself.

She is passionate about helping her clients create the life of their dreams. Since she was a teenager, Brandii has recognized her power of manifestation, as well as her intuitive spirit. She is a light-worker, mother, and wife who is fortunate enough to have a career where she helps to mend hearts. Brandii loves what she does, and it shows in her work with her clients.

Her smile is big, but her heart is bigger.

Dream, and when you do, dream a bigger dream!


My Favorite 


Dance Parties with My Children…


The love I see in their eyes reminds me to live more freely and full of joy. I get to imitate them in that moment and embody my personality by dancing freely. It warms my heart!

long drives while enjoying my Matcha green tea 

Or my white chocolate mocha depending on how healthy I’m trying to be that day. I love listening to my Audible books and podcasts during this time of reflective solitude. It is my quiet, personal time.


Decorating My Home

I have a glam eye for décor. My routine involves trolling through Home Goods, Target, and Marshall’s to help support my decor passion. It gives me life! It is also a mental break for me from the hustle and bustle of work and family. When I see a completed room, it brings happiness to my heart and a sense of accomplishment.

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